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The GSIM: Who we are

With more than 28 000 members, the GSIM is the largest medical-scientific society in Germany. Founded in 1882, it embodies the interests of the entire spectrum of internal medicine in one medical-scientific society. Based in Wiesbaden (Germany), the GSIM aims at fostering scientific activities and supporting medical training and education in all areas of internal medicine.

For more information please follow the link to the website of the society.

The GSIM Congress

For more than 140 years the GSIM organizes its own scientific congress.
With 16 parallel channels (including one in English), 357 sessions and a record breaking number of more than 9 000 participants the GSIM Congress 2021 took place from April 17th to 20th – for the first time ever entirely digital and accessible from around the globe. The congress’ overarching topic was influenced by the key issues of our era: the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the existential threat of climate change and its consequences for the health care system as well as individual’s health.

In 2022, exactly 140 years after the first Congress of Internal Medicine was held in Wiesbaden (Germany) under the chairmanship of Theodor von Frerichs the GSIM Congress 2022 will pose a different kind of premiere: a new hybrid format enables participants to choose whether to come to Wiesbaden or to take part online. In 16 parallel lecture rooms at the Rhein Main Congress Center Wiesbaden and digitally, participants will have the opportunity to inform themselves and exchange ideas on all topics related to internal medicine. The focus of the congress, which will take place from April 30 to May 03, is the guiding theme of the chairman and president of the GSIM, Prof. Markus M. Lerch: „The frontiers of internal medicine.“

The International Program

For the second year in a row, the GSIM congress offers international participants an interesting English-language program over all four days of the event. International colleagues have the opportunity to register free of charge for online participation in this select program.

The program is expected to be published in February 2022. You now have the possibility to access the international sessions from 2021 free of charge at the following link:

The registration for the international program starts in January 2022. We are looking forward to welcome you to the 128th GSIM Congress in April 2022 – whether online or on-site in the Rhein-Main Congress Center Wiesbaden (Germany).